Thursday, December 29, 2011

Assistant wanted

Hello it's Silver.
Since Sep 2010, I have been ill in bed.
I became partially-disabled by stroke in 2010 but I'm getting better :)

Sad news
My business partner Ed left me without a word...
I won't be able to work on P n'P shop without him.
Unfortunately, I close up our shop anytime soon.


Tiny manager for pet cemetery
Manager Assistant needed to concierge for customers and help Silver's work.
Basic SL building(editing)skills and good service in front of the customer needed. we have over 100 customers.

Essential condition
・in Tiny avatar at work
・Speaks graceful English
・Good for creative writing(correction of Silver's English documents)
・Being polite to customers
・Exchange email address and Skype account

This is nonprofit business so we are not ready to pay enough L$ but, you can own free beautiful big island(about 600prims, wonderful ocean location) to live private.

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