Tuesday, March 16, 2010


New vid recently composed featuring a favorite song of mine "Sing" by the Scottish band Travis. It begins with a soundly snoozing pug whose slumber is disrupted by the loud knockings of an ominously appearing door. What lies ahead for this young pup is for you to find out...

Beautiful land for rent!

A gorgeous view of the ocean esp during the sunrise with your very own personal beach.
Located along the hillside for added privacy.
  Sold out

Sold out


Area:896 ㎡
Prim Allowance: 328*
*(+29 prim option)
Pricing: 2,800L$/4weeks
Charge for service: 800L$ (one time fee)*
*300L$ if you live as a tiny!

IM to Silver or Ed

Friday, March 5, 2010

ccUFO for Tinies!!!

From deep within the infinite reaches of space comes along a magnanimous manifestation light-years ahead of our time. An invention so surreal that could never be imagined within the earthly limitations of our pea-sized brains. It's Chun's stellar, out-of-this-world ccUFO!!!

Chun Criss is one of the most talented scripters and animators in SL and Pn'P is a great fan of her work. Her latest creation, the "ccUFO TINY" is a testament to that. This amusing piece of locomotive machinery allows any tiny to fly around in their very own space ship. And, instead of being rezzed onto the ground, the UFO is conveniently worn on your body so prim usage worries are thrown right out the window! But the greatest function featured inside the ccUFO is that it allows you to abduct people right off the ground!

The "ccUFO TINY" may seem like a convoluted assemblage of coding and construction, but astonishingly, it is very simple to use:

1. Wear the "ccUFO TINY" in your inventory
2. Fly
3. Target someone by typing "s" in live chat

4. Send them into a time-warp!!

Both the vessel and beam can be changed into different colors! Just type "c" in live chat!

Update!: ccUFO has gone YOUTUBE!!! WATCH

You can get this amazing contraption at Chun's store exclusively @ Peace Valley!