Monday, February 22, 2010


This is Ed the Pug reporting to you from Tinytoriana, a quaint little Victorian style town! One of my first impressions was how handsomely detailed this place was. From the old cobble-stone roads, to the expertly decorated wallpaper inside the shops, this place was undoubtedly crafted with a great amount of dedication and sophistication. Before I started my own investigations, I took it upon myself to interview some of the locals around the area.

Although these two individuals spoke minimally, I could tell that this was a very intimate community. I continued onward sampling the vast array of shops surrounding the small cafes and ballroom in the center of the town.

Lucky for me, I was able to come across a store with one of the owners inside. Apologizing for my intrusion, I politely asked Silverax Greenwood, co-owner of P n'P for a brief interview.

Pug: First off, I'd like to ask what made you open a store here?

Silverax: Well for me, the staff was so friendly here. From its mayor to its citizens , Tinytoriana has accepted us with open arms and offered a tremendous amount of assistance since we moved here.

Pug: What do you think of the whole atmosphere around here?

Silverax: It's great! It's so homely! I know this place just recently opened but I'm excited about the events that could be organized here. They also have some beautiful residential areas. There's even a circus near the back of our store! Not to mention, there is so much variety in terms of shopping.

Pug: And finally, what do you guys sell in this store?

Silverax: Oh, we sell all kinds of stuff. From furniture to clothing, we have a variety of tiny goodies. Most recently we are in the works of some Victorian style couches in homage to the Tinytoriana lifestyle!

All-in-all, my visit to this remarkably nostalgic city was a positive one. Even though I meandered my way through most the buildings, there is still much more to see. I hope I can return soon so that I may hike through the lush and mysterious forests that surround the town or discover where the cavernous tunnels beneath the roads lead to (once I conquer my fear of the dark). I can only imagine what surprises await for me there. My curious appetites have yet to be fulfilled and I hope I can take in Tinytoriana in its entirety in the future. This is Ed the Pug, signing off!!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Land for rent - Linden roadside!

Sold out

A gorgeous view of the sunrise with your own personal beach.
Located along LL's road and sea.
3* protected!


Prim Allowance: 340*
*(+100 prim option)
Pricing: 2,950L/month
Charge for service: 500L (one time fee)*
*100% off if you live as a tiny!

Sold out

In Memoriam: Stillpink Sandgrain

Truly Pink
by Rohit Sapra

Pink, beautiful pink
Is the colour which inspires.
The colour pink inspires, to be in love
And to dream of the beauty of the beautiful things.
The colour pink is beautiful in its complexion
And makes you want it more.
Pink, the colour pink is beautiful indeed and inspires
To be in love as love is truly Pink.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tiny Patchwork Turtleshell

Introducing our newest product, the Patchwork Turtleshell! This unique costume allows any wynx tiny critter to transform into an adorable tiny turtle. The shell features a realistic shell texture on the back with a complementary patchwork design on the front that can be changed into 12 different colors!

Best of all, it features a hilarious upside-down "wriggle" animation when clicked on the back (Watch the video to see it in action!)

The shell is also accompanied by 2 styles of patchwork hoods which, in addition to being color changeable, can also be modified to fit any size head.
Available at most P n'P locations:">">">

So come on down! We always look forward to your visit!