Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EARTHQUAKE-TSUNAMI damage-silver from Japan

I'm fine(I just have electrical outage sometimes), but beaten by this tragedy and nuclear crisis.
Hmm...Spread through a wide area is damaged. Tsunami cut up whole cities. Huge numbers of people are still missing.
Survivors in a difficult condition. missing family, low supplies-ESP food/water and fuel. (no baby's milk or diaper! no medicine for elderly or sick people, no electricity, no heater fuel at the evacuation centers)
Little children are searching for parents alone, mothers are searching for kids. husbands are looking for their wives. they were engulfed by giant Tsunami... Huge-covered up and run a three-story buildings and fast.
This is just a scene from hell.
Please support us world!

Japan/Earthquake Donation

We recommend donating through the Red Cross as they have always been a reliable donor but if you can find another way to contribute, please do so.


  1. You're in everyone's thoughts! I'm so glad we got this update from you, I was really worried. Be safe, try and stay positive and healthy and come back to us soon! You are very much missed and loved!

  2. Thank you Chaffro.
    Aid groups, rescue parties from all over the world are working in areas damaged by the tsunami. Thank you very much friends.
    But still shut down all means of land travel,this is why supplies are not allowed in.
    Lack the manpower&search-and-rescue dog to search missing ppl also.
    We need nuclear experts too!